Proudly played by the world’s
most celebrated worship drummers.

Perfect for church 
and just about everything else.

At Blackbird Drum Company, we specialize in creating beautiful, vintage-style drums for churches, worship drummers and touring artists.

Our Vintage Series drums feature shells made of African Mahogany and North American Poplar – a nod to the drums of the 1950’s and 60’s. These drums are perfect for anyone looking for those warm, vintage tones that have become synonymous with the modern worship sound made famous by the likes of Hillsong and Bethel.  

Our Sunday Series drums provide a classic warm, round, metallic tone and have quickly become a favorite for worship drummers around the world. Dan McMurray and his 6.5×14 Modern Classic snare can be heard on Hillsong’s latest release There Is More, while our 8×14 Modern Worship snare has become increasingly popular among drummers looking for the much sought after “Bethel snare sound.” 

Those wanting a little more attack – like Brendan Tan of Hillsong Young & Free  need look no further than our Retro Series drums. Acrylic welded and sealed shell construction paired with 45-degree bearing edges give our Retro Series drums a pure, round tone with unparalleled attack.

Brendan Tan

Hillsong Young & Free

Dan McMurray

Hillsong Worship

Joe Volk

Bethel Music

Luke Anderson

Elevation Worship

Garrett Tyler

Judah & The Lion

Chris Maas

Mumford & Sons

Hear what Hillsong’s Dan McMurray has to say about his Sunday Series Modern Classic snare.

“I have been using my Blackbird 6.5×14 Sunday Series snare for about a year now. Since I first received it, it has been my main touring snare drum with Hillsong Worship and Lauren Daigle. It has also been my go-to snare drum in the studio and for any live recordings I have done.

I don’t think you can go wrong when you’re building a snare thats modelled after such a classic formula, but the Modern Classic snare has a freshness to it that I have found really appealing.

I am totally happy having this snare in my arsenal and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a diverse yet classic snare drum that also boasts a little bit of an edge as well!”

Praise we’re proud of…

“I have been really enjoying my Sunday Series snare. I have gotten some great tones out of it and with die cast hoops this snare is next level.” 
– Dan McMurray, Hillsong Worship

“I love my acrylic snare for everything I do live. It’s warm with amazing attack. I always recommend Blackbird to anyone looking for new drums.”
– Brendan Tan, Hillsong Young & Free

“The tones I get out of this snare are ridiculous! It’s the money. I love it so much.”
– Joe Volk, Bethel Music

“The snare is sounding like a dream. I’ve been getting a lot of love from drummers around the world for it. I absolutely love it and couldn’t imagine my setup without it.” 
– Chris Maas, Mumford & Sons