Vintage Series Mahogany Drum Set


  • Mahogany/Poplar Shells with Maple Re-Rings
  • 30-Degree Roundover Bearing Edges
  • Beavertail Lugs
  • Vintage Fold Out spurs
  • Butterfly Bass Drum Claws
  • Evans Level 360 Drumheads
  • 16 Week Turnaround Time
  • Ships From Our California Workshop

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Handcrafted in the USA, our Vintage Series drums feature shells made of African Mahogany and North American Poplar – a nod to the drums of the 1950’s and 60’s.

The Mahogany/Poplar shell, combined with Maple reinforcement rings and our round over bearing edges, give these drum a classic sound that is rich, robust, and sweet.

Our Vintage Series drums are fitted with quality, heavy duty hardware; built to withstand the wear and tear of modern day touring. Available in natural satin and a range of beautiful pearl and sparkle finishes.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 63.5 × 63.5 × 63.5 in